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My name is Jordan Needham III, amateur golfer, strategic planner, lazy when it comes to training. Strikers Golf was developed so that I have a plan of action or strategy to minimize my training time and golf scores both.  I created the first version of the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide in high school with a fellow golfer.  It worked. Now, I wanted to structure that strategy for golfers of all age levels and abilities.  Here is what StrikersGolf.com has to offer…


The Strikers Golf Strategy Guide is designed to help you maximize your golf game by helping you build a physical conditioning strategy & golf course management strategy.  And more importantly to stick to it.  There are a number of Strategy Sheets you can download and print when building your Strategy Guide.  Grab a zone target yardage sheet when you go to the driving range and zero in your club yardages.  Print off a Par 5 Hole Strategy to really analyze how to manage that hole.  Implement a Morning Start Up mobility regimen to get the blood pumping.

Ask your coaches, golf professionals, and instructors to help you pick and choose specific Strategy Sheets that will efficiently put you on a path to play your best golf. Then you just simply perform and record the progress in your Strikers Golf Strategy Guide.

While you build and create a strategy, you will want to do some research.  That is where the Strategy Lab comes in.


Golf resources for physical conditioning & golf course management.  Also includes various nutritional training, mental golf tips, and a lot more updated every week.  This is included with Membership along with the Strategy Guide.



Find golf resources to extend your golf career and also hit the ball farther & straighter.  It’s all about those greens in regulation.


Advance your Course Management Skills and shot selection.


Membership is currently $35/year.  Renewal for $20/year.  New Strategy Lab Resources and Strategy Sheets every week.  Get in touch and say hello@strikersgolf.com.  Read more about me here.



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