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    When you put the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide in the hands of your student golfers, coupled with your expertise knowledge, the sky is the limit.  The Strategy Guide is non-technical.  I like to say the Strategy Guide covers everything except the swing.  My focus is on providing highly effective physical conditioning and advanced course management strategy resources. 

    Golfers still need your swing lessons.  With the Strategy Guide you can recommend drills, or help them with hole strategy and course management.  The Strategy Guide provides you the tools to layout a training plan and really help a golfer improve both on and off the course.

    As the network grows, I am always on the lookout for golf professionals, coaches, and industry professionals to partner with. There are some interesting and unique opportunities that can earn you some additional revenue & free marketing.

    Cash Referrals  |  Team Pricing  |  Printed Editions

    SEO & Marketing Solutions  |  and Custom Golf Course Art

    Say anytime, I’d be happy to provide you with more information based on what your needs are.  Thanks for your interest in Strikers Golf.


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