Pro Golfers Swing Sequence Links

Pro Golfers Swing Sequence Links

List of Professional Golfers Swings

Ever since the smartphone camera added ‘slo-mo’ to it’s feature list, I’ve been able to really study my swing and compare it to professional golfers.  If you have access to a camera with slow motion capability, you can capture your swing from both the front facing view, and back view (looking down the target line).  After you got that, compare your swing to a professional golfer from the list below.

When viewing a golf professionals swing sequence, you will want to look at shaft angles, arm locations, knees, feet, any body part or swing you want to try to improve.  Note:  Pay careful attention to the camera angle when comparing your swing to another sequence video.  Each camera angle is slightly different and will cause the shaft and body angles to be slightly different as well.  I like to record the front facing view from the height of the hips (imagine a 6 or 7 year holding the camera at their height) and have the ball just at my left heel when hitting a driver.  Same height and same 90º angle from the target line for other irons as well.  So the front facing video will show the ball further back in my stance during a wedge shot.

Luke Donald

My first search was for Luke Donald, as he is a top iron player and had a streak of shot consistency to rival anyone.  This is a good slo motion video.  You can pause easily anytime during the video for comparison.  Video only, no analysis.

Hideki Matsuyama

One of the best golfers in the world right now, Hideki is the definition of keeping your head down.  This is a great video from Golf Smart Academy with Analysis and side by side angles.

Justin Thomas

Here’s a swing to follow for the young and flexible who want to swing all out and maximize drive distance.

In-Kyung Kim

I’ve been watching a lot of these videos lately and what I found so amazing about Kim’s swing is it appears her backswing just keeps going and going and going.  And when you think she’s got to be done with her turn, her arms go further.  Audio on this video is strange, no analysis.

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