Golf Training Equipment for Physical Conditioning

The Complete List of Golf Training Equipment for Physical Conditioning

Golf Training Gear & Equipment Used in the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide to Maximize Your Mobility, Speed, and Strength.

The Strikers Golf Strategy Guide is a good place to start choosing your training tools for physical conditioning.

Mobility and Power are what most golfers will be after.  By implementing a physical conditioning strategy for your golf game, you will maximize your distance, gain long term health benefits, plus better shot accuracy with improved balance.

This list includes the equipment utilized in the Strategy Guide Strategy Sheets.  However, many of the workouts, exercises, golf drills, and more can be done at home.  It will also be beneficial but not necessary to have access to a gym and or training partner.


Optional Training Equipment for Mobility, Strength, & Speed


In general, the older you are, the more benefits you will see from mobility training, but it’s also the best way to prevent injury.  This is a list of tools, training aids, and general gym equipment used in the Mobility Strategy Sheets.

Mobility training options may include use of:

Find a space with enough room to stretch out. If getting on the floor isn’t your thing, perhaps start your morning with a Dynamic Range of Motion Start Up routine. It can be performed standing up.

Often times workouts will require a box or bench that can support your weight.  Sometimes you will sit, other times you will jump onto the box or bench.  Some Dynamic Warm Up’s for Golf can be performed just by using a chair.

Hopefully, you already have a golf club or two in your tool kit.  We’ve created a Strategy Sheet for the Strategy Guide: Dynamic Warm Up with Golf Club to help stretch and loosen up prior to your round of golf.

Check out some options and recommendations for Tempo / Weighted Training Club. All kinds and all price ranges.

Use of a wall or doorway that will sustain your weight for a calf stretch now and then.

Stability Ball is great for Mobility and Speed Training Workouts.

For Shoulder and Basic Stretches, Leg Lifts, and Pull Ups can be put in a home doorway.


Golfers who want to maximize their power and explosiveness will require speed.  While strength is important, you don’t want so much strength as to where your mobility suffers.  Which is where speed training for golf comes into play.  The most important of the three speaking specifically to golfers.  You should get ready to bounce, jump, spring, and move a bit of weight as quick as you can.  All while maintaining balance and proper technique.*  While categorized as speed, your strength, and mobility will also increase with these workouts.

Speed training options may include:

Mobility Equipment (above) +

Elastic Bands

Medicine Ball

Light – Mid Dumbells or a Weighted Bar will work for golfers.

Weighted bar.  Weights are optional based on your goals.

Kettlebell. Weights are optional based on your goals.



Golfers who hit the ball farther have an advantage.  Strength training is good for golfers who may have all the mobility they require, but not getting the yardage or accuracy they want. Don’t go overboard, one strength workout a week is enough to maintain and grow in the beginning. An abundance of strength generally means, the golfer needs to spend time with mobility.

Speed training may include:

Mobility & Speed Equipment + (above)

Gym Equipment (cable machines, weights)

You do not need everything listed above to benefit from and use the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide.  Many workouts, routines, and physical conditioning for golf regimens can be performed in your home or garage. We may at times recommend use of additional golf training tools.

*Consult a doctor before performing any physical conditioning or course play. Strikers Golf Strategy Sheets are for reference only and not intended to provide specific instructions on how to properly perform any exercise, workout, or course play.  Please consult a certified fitness professional for proper instructions prior to any workout or exercise. As always if you feel pain, stop immediately.

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