Golf Tours of The World Rundown

Golf Tours of the World Rundown

An Overview of Men’s Golf Tours Worldwide

This is a quick research article for any fan of golf wanting a quick overview of golf tours worldwide.  It spawned from a quick Google search of the European Tour.  Understanding tours and qualifications gets messy and complicated in that region.  I think I got it all worked out, but if anyone sees a mistake or something needs updated…put it in the comments.

First thing I realized is that there are a lot of golf tours.  So we started at the top with the PGA Tour and got into some local amateur scratch tours.  Any deeper than that and it gets to the point of flighted divisions…which I did not get into.  This is just the list of Men’s Golf Tours around the World.  Women’s, and Senior Golf Tours are up next on my list.

Maybe not surprisingly, if you live in the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Arizona, California, or Western Europe…there is a good chance there is a tour near you.  But even those not from the big golf zones can still find a tour to play on just about anywhere.  Please note the LEVEL # below is not a grade of that tour, but rather shows the top (1) tours connection to their developmental or qualifying tours (2, 3, 4).

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