College Golf Programs ranked by Top 10 Finishers on Tour

College Golf Programs ranked by all Top 10 Finishers on the Tour

Universities that produced the money earners on the tour in 2016

The stats are taken from the golf tour.  For each Top 10 Finish during the season, a player earns their college or university a point.  A total of 124 different players got a top 10 finish in 2016.  67 of those had multiple top 10 finishes.  Here’s how it stacked up.

Grayson Murray was the individual leader with 8 top tens out of 17 events.  Those 8 points went to his alma mater Arizona State University.  Pretty incredible. Here is the final tally below.


RANK: 1  |  TOP 10’s:  13

RANK: 2  |  TOP 10’s:  12

RANK: 3  |  TOP 10’s:  11Image result for university of arkansas

RANK: 4  |  TOP 10’s:  10Image result for arizona state university


RANK: T5  |  TOP 10’s:  10



RANK: T7  |  TOP 10’s:  7


RANK: 9  |  TOP 10’s:  6

RANK: T10  |  TOP 10’s:  5





RANK: T19  |  TOP 10’s:  4

Iowa State University

Middle Tennessee State University

Western Carolina University

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Kent State University

University of Tennessee

University of Alabama

Purdue University

University of California

RANK: T28  |  TOP 10’s:  3

Ohio State University

Clemson University

Oklahoma Christian University

Stetson University

University of Texas-El Paso

University of Nevada-Las Vegas

University of Texas

RANK: T35  |  TOP 10’s:  2

Georgia Southern University

New Zealand Education College, 7th form

University of South Carolina-Aiken

University of Texas-Arlington

Campbell University

University of Georgia

University of North Texas

Johnson & Wales University

Tennessee Tech

Barry University

Morehead State University

Louisiana State University

Southern Methodist University

Mississippi State University

University of Arizona

RANK: T50 – 114  |  TOP 10’s:  1

Austin Peay State University

University of Central Florida

Polytech Junior College

Northwestern University

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

Yonsei University

Florida Atlantic University

Korea National Sport University

Long Beach State University


Fresno State University

University of Nebraska

University of Houston

University of North Carolina-Wilmington

St. Johns University

North Carolina State University

Oregon State University

Virginia Tech

University of Wisconsin


No College Listed – Rank of Top 10’s by Country

Australia – 9
Argentina – 7
US – 8
Canada – 4
Mexico – 3
Spain – 2
Scotland – 2
England – 1

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