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StrikersGolf.com is a Blog & Shop with original and curated content. My goal is to improve your golf game by giving you the tools you need to build & customize a golf training strategy.   To be specific, a Physical Conditioning & Course Management Strategy. Golfers, Golf Professionals, and Coaches can all utilize the Strategy Guide for their game or their students game.

Subscriptions are available for full site access to the Strategy Guide & Resources.  Current promotion is 2 years for the price of one.


My name is Jordan, a 37 year old amateur golfer. Never overly talented or physically gifted, I can putt a little, and more importantly I know how to get the most out of my golf game.  I’ve worked in the golf industry as a golf professional for 6 years before moving into small business digital consulting.  Which was a good move as I actually get to play more golf now.  It was a bad move for my neck & back as the job requires a lot of desk work.

I needed to increase my mobility for my golf game. Internet research was a bit of a mess and I was tired of 95% of the golf training & fitness apps, I wanted something real.  I needed a tangible (standard hardcopy 8.5″ x 11″ binder format) strategy where I could bring it all together and say – “This is exactly what I need to do to play my best golf.”  Hence the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide.


After creating a Mobility Range of Motion Strategy Sheet, I added Speed, Strength, Drills, Metrics, & golf Course strategy sheets.  Combine them all together in a pick and choose modular format and you have the Strategy Guide. The Strategy Guide is not a swing or swing-mechanics strategy.  You will still want a golf professional if you are looking to improve your golf swing. It is customizable and pick & choose.

Using the Strategy Guide will lower your golf scores by increasing your mobility & power along with making better shot selection.  This comes from hitting the ball farther and accurate, which means more greens in regulation, which leads to more birdies.  The side benefits are improved health & highly effective training as time is important to everyone.


The Strategy Guide is made up of Strategy Sheets you can select any and all from StrikersGolf.com with a subscription.  New Strategy Sheets are being created weekly.  The PDF download & print format is designed to be placed in a 3-ring binder. Take it to the course, the gym, and anywhere you want to train.

Why paper?  Many reasons.  One, I believe paper makes things feel more important than an app, which encourages me to train.  Second, I like using my phone for other apps while I train.  And lastly, it’s simply old school…and I tend to like old school.


Jordan Needham III

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The Strategy Sheets are only to be used as a very general reference guide.  I do not claim that any chart, record logs, diagram, or graphics represents a proper exercise technique nor does the Strategy Guide provide you instructions on how to perform any exercise.  Please see a fitness professional for that.  Also, be sure you consult a doctor prior to performing any workout or exercise found in the Strategy Sheets.