Welcome to Strikers Golf

Experimental Golf Training

Welcome to Strikers Golf

Strikers Golf is the competitive golfers resource for experimental golf training. Our goal is to help you reach your goals by providing you with everything you need to perform your best.  We like to say we cover everything but the swing.  You will still want a golf professional to take care of that.  Here is what we cover…


Sun Tzu said every battle is won before it is every fought.  I don’t know that guy very well, but I sort of agree.  Get all the information you need to bring out your ‘A Game’.  Information you have and your competitor won’t. Hopefully it will give you a serious competitive advantage.

  • Create playing goals to reach your maximum potential
  • Learn how your equipment can impact your game
  • Bring the right gear for the right conditions
  • Develop a strategy to attack the course
  • Learn the differences between all types of courses
  • Discover home course advantages
  • Master the yardage book
  • Preparing for different types of tournaments
  • Develop a consistent pre shot routine


Golf metrics will help competitive golfer manage the course, shave strokes, and find out what specific area of the golf game he/she needs to improve.  Professional metrics hit the scene in 2008 but are still largely unusable to the indy golfer not playing a tour course.  Our metrics focus on the individual versus the course.  With our tracking strategy guide you can expect to…

  • Master tracking quick and effectively using online tools
  • Achieve your personal bests and break your own records
  • Visually see your achievements and results
  • Take your course management to the next level


Strikers golf has a full list of playing drills you can pick and choose to strengthen and solidify your game.  But not to stop there, the real value is in the mental and physical conditioning. We help you develop a strategy that is both quick and effective.  You will become stronger, more flexible, healthier and take a serious competitive advantage to the course. Our training strategy guide includes…

  • Mastering the mental game and staying focused
  • Actions to take on the course that will throw your competitor of their game
  • Physical training regimen for in-season and off-season
  • Loads of drills to strengthen your game
  • Nutritional diet plan to maximize your golf performance

 We provide you with everything you need to win except the swing itself….that is on you!  Play your best with Strikers Golf.

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