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  • An Inside Look at the Strikers Golf Training Strategy Guide

    Get a Peek Inside the Strikers Golf Training Strategy Guide The SG2 Prime Guide takes Golf Training to a New Level Golf Training Strategy Guide Overview The Strikers Golf Training Strategy Guide was created to be my golf journal notebook of sorts.  The first version was in a simple notebook.  That quickly became a pain to track […]

  • PGA Tour Scoring Average has Leveled Off

    PGA Tour Scoring Average Has Officially Leveled Off

    PGA Tour Scoring Average Has Officially Leveled Off Charting the Top 10, Top 70, and All PGA Tour Scoring Since 1980 The chart below was created from metrics taken from PGA Tour Statistics ‘Scoring Average’.  From 1980 to 2016, since that is as far back as I was able to access the information.  The gold line represents all players […]

  • Welcome to Strikers Golf

    Welcome to Strikers Golf Strikers Golf is the competitive golfers resource for experimental golf training. Our goal is to help you reach your goals by providing you with everything you need to perform your best.  We like to say we cover everything but the swing.  You will still want a golf professional to take care of […]