Strikers Golf Strategy Guide

Strikers Golf Strategy Guide

The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Competitive Golfers

  • Maximize Your Golf Training

    Customize a Strategy

    Track Metrics and Course Intel

    Physical & Mental Training Guide

    Get Unlimited Access to the Strategy Guide.  Pick and choose specific strategy pages or download the complete workbook.  Be Better Prepared for game day, Track golf stats & metrics, and develop your own physical, nutritional, on-course, and mental golf strategy.  Our strategy & training guide workbook is designed to help you customize a complete golf game strategy.


  • PRIME: Game Day Preparation & Intel

    Monthly Golf Calendars

    Record your tournament schedule and training days in your monthly golf calendars.  The Strikers Golf strategy guide will show you when to perform each type of workout, when to train, and when to be ready for game day.

    Golf Course Stats & Intel

    Before you play a round, get to know and understand the course, conditions, and how you play each hole.  The strategy sheets Course Stats and Intel Guide will give you a good idea of how you play the course, and specific training preparations to work into your training strategy.

    Golf Equipment Management

    Look over your equipment and perform a thorough check of your clubs.  Also included is a grip change log, and other items of importance to really understand your golf gear.

    Golf Course Strategy

    Go beyond your standard yardage book and find out how to attack the course based on your game.  Hole-by-hole strategies will take your course management to a new level.  This will be your advance yardage book.

    Golf Tournament Notes & Information

    If you play a lot of different courses, this guide will take trouble out of tracking down the same information year after year.  Handy for golf coaches in preparing for the next tournament and items to remember.

  • TRACK:  Metrics for Advanced Golf Course Management

    Goals & Personal Bests

    Learn to set goals such as your target scoring average, and develop a strategy to help you get there.

    Game Day & Tournament Checklists

    Be ready for game day and take the hassle out of prep work.  Checklists are specifically useful for mini-tour players who travel often or coaches who plan their players trips.

    Course Scoring Log & Skills Assessment

    There are two items not in paper format.  The Course Scoring Log, and Skills Assessment Spreadsheets.  These are included free with registration.  Your scores are auto-calculated to help you understand your golf games strengths and weaknesses.  Download and setup your own spreadsheets and track your progress.

    Zone Targets & Yardage Sheets

    One of the most important aspects in really fine tuning your game and tracking your shots is the Zone Targets & Yardage Guide.  Use the golf strategy guides Zone Target Sheets to zero in your clubs and advance your course management.

  • TRAIN: Physical, Nutritional, On-Course, and Mental Golf Strategy

    Physical Training Regimen

    Customize your workouts based off your tournament or match schedule.  With this strategy guide, you will set your own schedules with golfer specific physical training drills and workouts.  Maximize your cardio, strength, and speed to bring a new level of power to your game and absolutely crush the ball.

    Nutritional Training for Peak Golf Performance

    Develop and customize a Nutritional Diet Plan based around your goals.  Create your own custom diet that will give you everything you need to go 72 holes at your best.

    On Course Training Regimen

    Get the most out of your practice time.  Customize a plan that focuses on your golf games weakest link.  Plus, learn how to zero in club yardage with target zones.

    Pre-Shot Routines and Swing Thoughts

    Mental Training.  Construct a solid pre-shot routine for consistency, and establish swing thoughts to lower your scores by decreasing missed shots and learning to focus on what is important.


    Play, compete, and move up the leaderboard in the Strikers Golf Challenge.  Complete as many challenges as you can on the golf course or practice facilities of your choice.  

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     New Challenges are posted every week, simply get out to the golf course and get started.  Once you complete a challenge, you will see your Challenge Medal on your Dashboard.  You will also earn points, shooting you up the Leaderboard.

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  • Strikers Golf Challenge Leaderboard

  • Professionals, Amateurs, Men, Women, Juniors & Seniors

  • The Strikers Golf Strategy Guide is designed for any golfer wanting to improve their game through better training and game plan.  The Strategy Guide and Resources will help you build and customize a golf training strategy so that you will have everything in place to play your best.  No matter the level of play, everyone can benefit from designing their own golf training strategy.

  • Download & Print

  • Subscribers have full access to download and print your own Strategy Guide.

    Why carry a hard copy of your strategy?  It makes it real and never needs charging.  Plus, many training & strategy sheets require custom notes and hole intel you just can’t record in every app.  We do recommend the use golf apps such as GPS yardage tracking to help you develop and create a custom strategy in print version.

    Another reason Strikers Golf went with paper is that it is easy to use and organize. Use a pencil or pen…make a mistake?  Print off another copy.  Your subscription allows full access to Download and Print the entire Strategy Guide.  Put your chosen golf strategy sheets in a 3 ring binder and you’re all set.


  • Golf Courses, Driving Ranges, Putting Greens, Gyms, Parks, Homes

  • Use the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide anywhere.  Record weight and time notes in your strategy guide at the gym.  Zone in on target yardages at the driving range.  See your training results on the golf course.  Gather valuable course intel during practice rounds. Get in a speed drills workout session from your garage.  Bring your Strategy Guide anywhere and everywhere when training for golf.

  • Your Workhorse Caddy

  • Use the Strategy Guide as your Caddy.  Then, when you are playing on tour, give it to your real-life Caddy.  The Strategy Guide was built for use in conjunction with your swing coach or physical training coach…not to replace.  Although there are swing specific resources and articles found online, the Strategy Guide acts more like your caddy in making sure you are ready to play your best and knowing your golf game.