Strikers Golf Challenge

Strikers Golf Challenge

Fun. Competitive. Gritty.

What is the Strikers Golf Challenge?

The Strikers Golf Challenge is a worldwide golf competition designed to amplify your golf training.  The Strikers Golf Challenge is open to any and all golfers.  The goal is to complete as many Challenges as you can.  You will receive Challenge Medals on your Strikers Golf Dashboard as well as Leaderboard points for each Challenge you successfully complete.

Challenges may take place on any golf course, golf course practice facilities, the gym, or just about anywhere you can perform golf training.  Challenges may only require a single golf shot, or may take your entire career to complete. Challenges off the golf course may require physical workout routines, please consult with a physician before performing any physical exercise.

How Does it Work?

Step 1:  Register

You must Subscribe to compete in the Strikers Golf Challenge.

Membership is $60 for the first year and you can renew for $20/year.  You will also receive access to the Strategy Guide, all Resources, and a Free Challenge Tourney Entry in 2018.

Once you are a member, you can then log in to start competing by successfully completing Challenges.

Step 2:  Choose and Complete any Challenge

Choose any Challenge you want to attempt.  Each challenge will have a level of difficulty between 1 -5 with 1 point being assigned for an easy challenge, and 5 points awarded for more difficult challenges.

Once you successfully complete a challenge, sign off on that challenges’ page (click a button) so we can record your Leaderboard points and award your Challenge Medal(s) on your Dashboard.

Next:  See How You Stack Up on the Leaderboard

Check out the Strikers Golf Challenge Leaderboard to see how you are doing against other golfers.  There is only one flight for golfers of all ages, genders, and skill levels.

We are on the honor system here so only sign off when you have successfully completed the Challenge.  No proof is required.

And Then…:  Get your Challenge Medals

The more Challenges you complete, the more points you will accumulate and the higher you will finish on the Leaderboard. Your completed Challenge Medals will also appear on your Dashboard within a few days.  Try to collect them all.  Medals will remain on your Dashboard for life of your membership.


SUBSCRIBE NOW to start competing in the Strikers Golf Challenge

What are the Prizes?

Social Media Props and the thrill of competition.  Winners will have their usernames digitized in history on the Leaderboard.  Perhaps more importantly, you get to lower your golf golf scores by experiencing new drills and golf training methods.

In addition to the lifetime Challenge, Strikers Golf will also be hosting Challenge Tourneys. These Tourneys are limited run tournaments using the same Challenge format.  Challenge Tourneys will be divisional and will have prizes.  More to come!

What are the Rules?

Challenge specific rules will be provided with each different Challenge. 

Many Challenges are to complete an item “consecutively” a certain number of times.  For instance, Challenge #33 is ‘Avoid Disaster x9’.  This Challenge requires that you record 9 consecutive holes without a double bogey or worse.  If you play just 18 holes without a double bogey or worse, you win Challenge #33, as well as Challenge #34 ‘Avoid Disaster x18’.  You do not have to reset your consecutive count for each Challenge. 

Other Challenges require you to complete a golf item a certain number of times.  For instance, Challenge #27 is ‘Green in Regulation x 10’.  For this specific Challenge, you have your entire golf career to hit 10 greens in regulation.  They do not have to be consecutive, and you do not have to reset your count for each Challenge you Complete.  Use those 10 greens in regulation you already hit in Challenge #27 to count towards 10 of your 100 greens in regulation for Challenge #30.  

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Challenge?

You have your entire golf career to complete as many Challenges as you can.  Some Challenges may require a lot of golf to achieve.  The Strikers Golf Challenge started in August 2017.  It’s never too late to play.  Please note all Challenges can only be completed after your registration date.

Here’s a sample of how it works.  You download and print [Challenge #X – Over the course of the season, sink 5 putts at least 15′ in length during a recorded round].  You then have all challenge season to complete the challenge.

 Need Help?

Strikers Golf does it’s best to ensure all completed Challenges are recorded on the Strikers Golf Leaderboard.  If you have posted appropriately and still don’t see the correct number of points on the leaderboard, just send an email to and we will attempt to rectify.  For any additional help or feedback, please contact Strikers Golf.

Disclaimer and Further Rules

2017-2018 Strikers Golf Challenge is a beta trial game that is designed to provide friendly competition to all golfers.  ©Izuno Studios – Strikers Golf, reserves the right to cancel, suspend, and modify any rules, game play, competitors, challenges or any other aspects associated with the Strikers Golf Challenge.  aka…go easy on me, I’ll do my best.  Have fun and keep checking in each week for new Challenges.