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We are looking for golf industry partners who want to offer their golfing clientele valuable products & services from Strikers Golf.  In exchange, we have a lot to offer you.  This is a limited time offer…Free of Charge.  It’s a win for you, and a win for the consumer.  


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    We send you with everything you need to start earning extra cash. This promotional packet includes all Pro Team Partner details as well as marketing items and registration forms.

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    You will earn a $20 commission check for each subscriber you refer to  Just hand them the flyer, set up a table tent, and you are off!

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As a Pro Team Partner, you will get full site access to the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide, Resources, and Challenges (if you wish to compete yourself).  This is the standard subscription sold on Strikers Golf for competitive golfers who wish to maximize their golf training.


    Customize & Build a Golf Training Strategy


    Golf Strategy Tips, Suggestions, Articles, Experimental Training


    Playing & Practice Drills with Golf Benchmarks to See Lower Scores


Your Go-To resource for digital golf and print resources.  Tournament Flyers, Lesson Brochures, Pin Placement Charts, and more.  You will have full access as a Pro Team Partner to download and print valuable golf resources.  Download digital golf images for use on your website or for a tournament flyer.  More coming every month, and if you have requests, say

Referral Commission

  • Pro Team Partners Get…

    For each user who subscribes to Strikers Golf, you will receive $20 paid via check. Pro Team Partners have the opportunity to earn unlimited referral commissions while at the same time  providing an exciting golf training resource to their student golfers and golf clientele.  It’s a win-win. This offer is available only to Pro Team Partners and is subject to change at any time.

    A subscription to includes the Strategy Guide, Resources, and Challenges.  You can sign them up yourself and/or direct them to the website.

  • Subscribers Get…

    Any golfer the Pro Team Partner refers (as a paid user subscription to will get two years for the price of one. This ($20 value) subscription offer is only available from you, our Pro Team Partners.  In addition to the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide & Resources, golfers who subscribe will also have the chance to win the annual Strikers Golf Challenge Medal by finishing in the top 50% on the Challenge Leaderboard for the year.

SEO Benefits – $25 Value

  • Boost your own website rankings! Strikers Golf is offering it’s first Pro Team Partners a backlink to any website of your choice at no cost. Links and backlinks are very important in search rankings. More links to your site, means more people will find you and your services.  Plus, for our first Pro Team Partners, we will provide a special banner for any event, product, or service you wish to promote, directly from  

Pro Team Partner Promotional Package

Once you subscribe as a Pro Team Partner, we will ship you (USPS) promotional material for marketing the Strategy Guide, Resources, & Challenges.  Everything you need to start earning extra cash through referrals will be in the package.  Table tents, sign up sheets, registrations, mailing addresses, program details, and more.

  • Ready to Get Started?

    Contact us via email at if you are interested in participating or fill out the form.   Following email introduction, we will provide you with login information.  Thanks in advance for subscribing to as a Pro Team Partner.  We are very grateful to partner with the best golf industry professionals.  Critique and feedback are always welcome, and if you have any comments or concerns, please let us know.  This is just the beginning for Strikers Golf!

    Jordan Needham III
    CEO, Izuno Studios – Strikers Golf

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Pro Team Partners have the opportunity to earn commissions on custom digital art golf prints.  Golf Professionals who want to increase Pro Shop Revenue can order a full set (18) of custom golf hole course digital art prints for $400.  Artist will use existing yardage book, overhead maps, and other information to create a beautiful and original 11 x 17 digital print of each golf hole for the course.

This is an exciting and popular way for Golf Industry Professionals to offer their clientele something unique and generate additional revenue or commissions.  Sell to your club or golf membership who play the course everyday!  Original (first set) can be created for $400.  After that, you can order prints for as low as $250/entire 18 hole set.  Make great margins with little effort.  Golfers will enjoy these and they make great gifts.  Purchase an individual hole, a three hole set, or the entire 18 hole course.

Contact us for purchase information.