Physical Training for Golf (A) Game Day

Physical Training for Competitive Golfers – Game Day

In Season Golf Workouts and Training Strategy – A

Game Days will be dictated by your seasonal playing schedule.  Once you know your golf schedule, you can proceed with marking them on your Monthly Golf Calendars.  You can then start customizing your physical training strategy for Training Days (A-G) anytime.  (A) Game Days are for In-Season recorded rounds of golf only.  Be sure to print out the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide – Training Days sheets.

The purpose of physical conditioning on a game day is simply to maintain your cardio, not to burn fat. Focus on flexibility and low intensity cardio session warm up is good to get your blood moving to your extremities and should help you stay loose and relaxed.  The following are suggestions on golf specific game day workouts for you to implement in your training strategy.  Pick a few from the list below or choose your own.

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