Strikers Golf is About a Quest…

A Quest…to push the competitive limits in the world of golf

We want to see records being broken and personal bests achieved.

With a limited amount of hours in the day to dedicate to your golf game, lower scores are highly relative to time spent practicing and training. Strikers Golf is on a quest to help you find the right balance and ultimately find out just how low you can go.

A Quest…to weaponize competitive golfers with a strategy

During the many years spent in Pro Shops around the country, we’ve spoken to parents and coaches alike looking for a strategy guide to help their competitive golfers play better golf. Strikers Golf drew inspiration from those discussions and developed a Golf Training Strategy Guide.

The Strikers Golf Strategy Guide covers Game Day Preparation & Intel, Metrics for Advanced Course Management, and Mental & Physical Conditioning.  Our guide covers every aspect of the game except for your swing. We still highly recommend a golf pro for swing advice. Golf Training Strategy Guides are designed for quick and effective results centered around your personal playing goals. It’s not a book, it’s an interactive game plan you customize.

Developed for both male and female competitive golfers primarily in High School and Collegiate ranks. However, our guide will benefit all serious players who want a better understanding of their golf game and who want to push themselves to lower scores.

A Quest…to be a valuable source for experimental golf training

To avoid plateaus in your golf game, it’s important to explore, discover, and review advanced training regimens and game theory.  Our goal is to considerably lower scores through a complete look into different methods and find a strategy that works for you.

A Quest…for better consistency

Prime, Track, and Train the same way. Consistency is about repetition. Our Strategy Guide helps you develop a game plan that will lead to repetition and consistency on and off the course.  The Strikers Golf Strategy Guide covers a comprehensive wealth of information at your fingertips.  We cover everything from club specifications to mental conditioning, plus even more with the Strikers Golf Resources. It’s about being consistent to free yourself of distractions so you can focus on your swing. You now have a resource that you will want with you before you ever tee off.

A Quest…for better course management

Track your stats and gathered info.  Golf Stats have a long way to go and an even longer way to go if you want to think of it as applicable knowledge for your golf game.  We want to see what’s fact and what’s fiction. More importantly, we want to discover how we can lower your scores by using golf metrics.  Strokes gained is great, but it does little to help you identify weak spots in your own game unless your competition is tracking their stats as well.  Here’s our call to all competitive golfers to advance your course management through usable metrics.

The Golf Metrics section will benefit competitive golfers by providing an advanced understanding of course management. Our metrics are independently developed. We provide you the tools, instruction, and metrics to better attack the golf course.

A Quest…for fast and effective physical & mental conditioning

Train in a way specific to you.  Strikers Golf wants to help you develop a training regimen that includes physical training, nutritional training, as well as on course workout drills & tips.

Conditioning for golf has come a long way in the last few years, professional players are bigger and faster.  Being naturally gifted certainly goes a long way, and while we all need physical training, we also need mental training.  There are plenty of solutions online for golf workouts.  Strikers Golf has tested and conglomerated a complete training regimen for competitive golfers. Follow along while Strikers Golf will explore the golf world with a customize strategy guide that can serve as your personal trainer and caddy.

Welcome to the site.  Enjoy, and get in touch if you have any comments, thoughts, suggestions, tips, gripes, compliments…or basically anything you you would like to share with us.

Jordan Needham
Site Admin, StrikersGolf.com

The SG2 Strategy Guide For Team Coaches

…in development.

Golf Coaches in the High School and Collegiate ranks will benefit from the Strikers Golf Strategy Guide by providing a baseline performance for their golfers.

Golf Coaches can modify their system based as they see fit.  Plus use Striker Golf metrics to track your teams individual and team improvements throughout the competitive golf season.

The SG2 Strategy Guide For Golf Industry Professionals

for Golf Industry Professionals.

The Strikers Golf Strategy Guides does not cover swing dynamics or proper club grip…you are there for that type of swing training. What the guide does provide Golf Professionals and PGA Professionals with is an incredible resource to advance your students off course training as well.  Train your student or group lessons using our custom developed golf metrics. Give your student an off-the-course training strategy and help prepare them for success.

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